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What We Do

It’s main objective is the study of the Greek tourism sector and has several means and tools to achieve it: by participating in workshops and conferences, where issues of special or general tourist interest are presented, by collaborating with higher educational institutions and other entities, by conducting research and studies on tourism issues.

Thus, it contributes substantially to the dissemination of knowledge and information to those involved in tourism.

Main Activities


The main activity of the Research Institute for Tourism is the conduct of scientific studies and field research. These studies came to fill the gap in tourism literature and are a reference point and source of information for tourism researchers, but also for all private and public tourism agencies involved.

Conduct studies for third parties

In addition to its own studies, RIT undertakes studies commissioned by private and public agencies. These are studies of special interest and are also published.

Advisory/consultant services

Apart from the studies that conducts, RIT provides consulting services to the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, to other hotel association bodies and several tourist organizations and agencies.


RIT organizes international conferences on tourism in order to bring together researchers, professionals and tourism students to exchange views and promote research in the field of tourism.

Information dissemination

RIT’s studies and the statistical database that it has created is available to scholars, students and every interested party, contributing greatly to the dissemination of knowledge.