Greek Hotel Sector during the Crisis Period 2008-2018

This study presents the evolution and the features of the Greek hotel industry during the 10-year period of the economic crisis along with the performance of the hotels at the same period.

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Evolution and Features of the Greek Hotel Sector 2015-2019

The study presents the evolution of Greek Hotels during the recent 5-year period enriched with useful statistical data and analysis.

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Seasonality of Greek Tourism

The study records the factors that lead to the seasonality of Greek Tourism and could contribute to the formation of tourism policy and stragedy.

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Senior Tourism

The study depicts the demographic changes of the last years and the travel preferences & needs of seniors.

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Employment in Tourism Sector

The study examines the employment in Greek hotels regarding the period, the hotel category and the region. Ιmprovement strategies are suggested.

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Ghettoization of the Historical Center of Athens

The study examines the degradation of the historical center of Athens, which started in 2006 and led to the formation of a ghetto in the capital center.

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