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George Petrakos

George Petrakos


George Petrakos is Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods and Information Systems at Panteion University, the Director General of the Research Institute for Tourism (RIT) in Athens, Greece and Member of the Greek Observatory for Tourism. He holds an honoured Ph.D. in Statistics from the Univ. of Wyoming, USA, an M.Sc. in Applied Statistics and Information Systems from the George Washington University and a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Athens. He taught at George Washington University, University of Wyoming, Panteion University of Athens, Hellenic Open University and the University of Athens. He has been the Instructor of graduate and undergraduate courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Data Analysis, Informatics, Survey Methodology, Quantitative Methods, Audit Sampling and Applied Econometrics. Dr. Petrakos has published over 50 papers in highly rated scientific journals and international conferences proceeding, subjecting Applied Statistics, Survey methodology, Data Quality, Audit sampling and Biostatistics. He is the author of two academic textbooks in Greek subjecting Everyday Life Statistics and Applied Probability with R. Recently, he edited the classic – Statistics Canada “Survey Methods and Practices” with supplementary chapters on Greek surveys. He is a member of the Royal Statistical Society, Orbicom/Unesco, the Greek Mathematical Society and the European Survey Research Association. He is also reviewer for the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, the journal of Applied Statistics and the Journal of Artificial Intelligence and associate editor in Statistical Review and ESRA journal. During the last 20 years, George has established a close cooperation with Eurostat and other European and International Statistical Organizations providing high quality statistical services in selected areas as Data Validation, Data Quality, Data Analysis, New Indicators, Electronic Data Transfer, Metadata, Paradata, Integration of data sources, Audit Sampling. He is currently responsible for the design, process, analysis and dissemination of quantitative surveys in tourism from RIT and he is also the designer and the auditor of the continuous daily Audience Rating Survey in Athens and Thessaloniki.


Director General
Research Institute for Tourism (RIT), Athens, Greece