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28 February 2007

Tourism Development and Environmental Protection

he study is an economic analysis approach to the relation of tourism development and environmental protection. The arguments can contribute to decisions that facilitate tourism development without harming the environment.
1 June 2005

Outbound Russian Tourism

The study examines the ways to attract tourists from the Russian market, not only beacuse Russia is an emerging source of tourists, but also because Russian tourists can contribute to the reduction of the seasonality of Greek tourism sector.
23 March 2005

Outbound Chinese Tourism

The study evaluates the potential of tourism flows from China, in order to form realistic expectations.
15 September 2004

Comparative Advantages of the Sectors of Greek Economy

The study examines the comparative advantages of the sectors of Greek economy and their contribution to GDP, in order to enable the country to deal with the challenges of international competition and market globalization.
26 May 2004

Tourism Education and Training

The study examines the importance of education in employee productivity and the recent developments in tourism education and training.
5 May 2004

Employment in Greek Hotels

The study is based on two samples collected in 1999 and 2000 regarding small-medium sized hotel units and especially hotel sector employment features. The analysis contributes to a microeconomic approach to hotel employment.