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10 December 2003

Shadow Economy in Greece: Revaluation

The study evaluates the estimation of Shadow Economy in Greece using indirect methods and not a national accounting approach.
12 June 2002

Advertising Expenditure for Tourism

The study examines the effectiveness of the Greek tourist product promotion.
17 April 2002

Conference Tourism in Greece: Developments, Problems, Opportunities and Policy

The study is a systematic approach of the role, importance, perspectives and promotion policy of conference sector in our country, based on international developments in conference activity.
20 February 2002

Competitiveness of Greek Tourism Sector

The subject of the study is to determine the competitive position of Greece in the European tourism market and especially the Mediterranean market, based on its strengths and weaknesses. Also the study suggests solutions in order to improve the international competitiveness of the Greek tourism product.
20 November 2001

Winter Tourism in Greece: Analysis-Conclusions-Proposals

The study analyses the severe seasonality of Greek tourism, aiming to identify the causes and the extent of the problem and to suggest solutions to eliminate the phenomenon.
22 March 2001

Greek Small and Medium-Sized Hotel Businesses

The subject of the study is the problems and the perspectives of Greek small and medium-sized hotel businesses.