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28 November 2022

The Greek Hotel Sector and the role of Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

Field research to investigate the role of OTAs and the abuse of their dominant position in the online booking market.
26 November 2022

Ξενοδοχειακό Παρατηρητήριο Θερινής Περιόδου 2022

Μηνιαία έρευνα (πάνελ) για την παρακολούθηση των βασικών ξενοδοχειακών μεγεθών, καθώς και του κόστους ενέργειας και προϊόντων κατά το διάστημα Μαΐου-Οκτωβρίου 2022.
26 August 2022

Problems and Prospects of Tourism in Northern Evia

The purpose of the research is to record the problems, due to which the tourism development of North Evia is hindered, as well as the needs of the hoteliers and the solutions they propose.
9 May 2022

Weekly Survey on the Performance of Year-round Operating Hotels

Weekly survey (panel) on the main hotel figures of year-round operating hotels in the winter season 2021-2022.
8 April 2022

The Importance of Environmental Sustainability in the Hotel Sector, Google/RIT Survey 2022

The field survey for the environmental sustainability of the Greek hotels is the result of the collaboration of the Research Institute for Tourism with Google in the context of accelerating the green and sustainable transformation of the tourism industry in Greece. The main findings and considerations of this survey were used for designing and forming of the new training program of the Ministry of Tourism and Goo…
24 January 2022

Performance of Greek Hotels in 2021

The annual survey of the Research Institute for Tourism records the impact of the pandemic to the main figures of hotel businesses in 2021. The survey shows that despite the significant reduction of their main figures, Greek hotels continue to contribute to the Greek economy and society.
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